Make a pair of magical monster gloves

These cute monster gloves will keep little fingers cosy and stop kids getting cold and cranky. They’re easy to make plus you can use them as fun hand puppets too!

What you’ll need:

  • a pair of gloves, or mittens.
  • some felt – two colours, plus white.
  • four buttons
  • a needle and thread
  • scissors
  • chalk or a sewing marker


Measure your glove from the wrist band to about 1.5cm below the fingers. Use this measurement to cut out four pieces of felt, two in each colour. They should be as long as the measurement you took and approximately 6cm-8cm wide.Lay one coloured rectangle on top of another to make two double-layered rectangles. Fold them in half lengthways. Using chalk or a sewing marker draw a zigzag pattern down each of your folded rectangles.Cut out the zigzag pattern through all four layers of felt for each of your rectangles. Now you have two sets of monster spikes, one for each glove.To sew the monster spikes onto the gloves, open up a set of spikes and lay them flat on the top of one of the gloves. Sew along the centre crease in the felt, being careful not to sew through both layers of the glove!Next, fold the inner layer of spikes closed and add some small stiches through both layers of felt at the base of each spike. This will make the inner layer of spikes stand up along your monster’s back.Next add the eyes.

Cut four small circles of felt a little bigger than the size of your buttons. Place the felt circles, with a button on top, just above the fingers of your glove and sew into place. Again, be careful not to sew through both layers of the glove!

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