Handy Tips to Help You Declutter the House

We have found some handy tips to help you declutter the house and keep everything fresh and clean!

  1. Start with clothes - Go through your closet only keeping things which “spark joy.” Take all of your clothes and put them in one big pile in one room. (Her idea is to declutter by item type vs. by room.) You then pick up and hold an item and ask yourself one simple question: Does this bring me joy? If it doesn’t, donate it.
  2. Get rid of documents in the office - make sure you check how long you need to keep different important types of documents.
  3. Organise clothes by colour - Your eye will immediately go to the colour you’re thinking of wearing.
  4. Fold your clothes vertically - especially when in draws it help to have them vertical instead of stacked on top of each other so you don't destroy the neat pile overtime you have to take one out from the bottom.

You can read more about these helpful hints here.