Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

Want to make your Mother's Day gift stand out from the crowd? Have a read of our gift wrapping tips and tricks that we found to help make your gift look stunning! Newspower have a great range of gift cards, ribbons and wrapping paper. They even have gorgeous gift bags if you think you skills aren't up to it. See their Mother's Day range in store now!

  1. Start with the right sized piece of paper. It should come up a little more than halfway on the sides and wraps all the way around with an inch overlap.
  2. Use double stick tape for secure, flat edges. Don't skip on the tape, longer pieces will make it easier to stick the paper together.
  3. Match the seams of the paper with the edges of the gift. Create creases at the corner seams to make folding them down easier.
  4. If your flap on the side is too long, mark where the corners of the paper meet so you know how far to fold the excess paper under.

See the full article and video here.