Red Dot Easter Hunts

Why not do something extra special for the kids this Easter and make an Easter egg hunt! Red Dot have a huge range of Easter chocolates, baskets, wrapping, and stuffing ideas to make it extra colourful and just like the Easter bunny!

We've found a few handy hints to help!

  • Supply non-chocolate prizes as rewards for something healthier.
  • Add a pinata for Easter fun - everyone can have fun this way even the adults!
  • Colour code the eggs you hide according to age so that means the littlies, or the two- to four-year-olds can hunt for blue eggs, while the older kids go for purple - this means little kids have an equal chance to find the eggs.
  • Give each child a map using pictures for those who can't read yet. Cut out a picture of a chair, for instance, or draw a coffee table to show them where the eggs are. Then be a bit sneaky by hiding another map at one of the clues.
  • Keep a record of the eggs - so your beloved pets don't find them before your kids do!